I am getting too used to being at home. LOL. I feel kind of lazy even though I’ve run errands and been packing and unpacking this whole week. I have another week off before I have to start work. At 8:30 on June 6, I have to go to orientation. It will take me so long to get there but I’ll be taking the bus at Port Authority. I might try to do it next week, just to see how long it takes to get there. I spent two and half hours packing  up stuff from my room at my mom’s house. We’ll see how much of it comes over tomorrow with my flat screen tv. I ordered a bookcase from walmart.com. It has 5 shelves, hopefully all my law school books, workout books, and novels and self-help books. That’s it for now. Nothing too interesting to report. It was fun at my mom’s party. On Monday, my fiance and I went to the supermarket and then I cooked dinner. It was nice to play the domestic role, even though it’s really not me. Don’t get me wrong I can cook, but I think I like books better than being domestic. Let’s see what I’m like when I actually become a mom, many moons from now.