So I had to take a drug test today for my summer internship. It was quick. I also had to go home yesterday to fill out all this paperwork that got sent to my fiancé’s apartment for work too. I can’t wait to start work and working out again. I started packing for my big move next week. I packed most of my clothes, my shoes, and now I’m doing laundry. My fiancé is showing a potential roommate the apartment today. I’m hoping he’s cool so that we can start working on other stuff. So I heard the guy was cool and he’s going to call my fiancé tomorrow to let him know if he wants to move in. My fiancé also has some new job prospects which is cool. The apartment is coming along nicely, now all we need to do is get the new bed in our room and move my stuff in and we’ll be fine. No news on the vacation but I’m looking on the bright side. If I go on vacation in August, I’ll get to de-stress after my summer job and I’ll have more time to workout before the trip too.