this is another pic of the hotel I want to stay at in Mexico, it has pretty good reviews on I can’t wait for Mexico, if this falls through, I’ll be really pissed. Can’t wait to sip my pina colada on the beach. So last night fh and  I went to Manhattan, he had some errands to run at Best Buy and whatnot, then we went to Ray’s Pizza and had chicken sandwiches. We got back home and watched Be Cool on DVD, it was funny. He had to go to work at 12pm so we went to bed around 1 or so. I woke up and do some cleaning and then I came back to my mom’s house. I had to help my sister fix her hair. My little sister went to her swimming lessons this morning and her hair was so wet. I had to comb and blow dry it for her. My sister has a mountain of hair that’s down to her waist and really thick too. It was a little fun though. I’m going to get my hair done on Monday, I need to. I may change this weird blonde/reddish brown color changed to a redder color. Then it’s back to hell, to study and clean up my room in that house. Only two more weeks. Ok going to workout now.