Contemplating murder, I can’t wait to get away from this roommate. He’s so fucking annoying and selfish. My alarm clock is not there so that I can wake you up and you can get into the shower @ the time I’m supposed to, you selfish bastard. Focusing on school, done with fixing up the apartment and not doing anything wedding related till finals are over. May 19th. I did order a cute wedding invitation sample the other day though. that’s the link to the sample. It’s more modern than I’m used to, but the price is good. I’m also thinking of getting this one, the eggplant colored folder goes with my wedding colors, sort of. I’m going for lilac, lavendar and platinum so this is much darker but we’ll see later on.

Finally getting a new cell phone. Motorola phones suck, at least of the 4 different models I’ve had, they suck. I am getting a sony ericsson z500a, it’s a video phone and you can record stuff to make ringtones. That Amerie song is definitely going to be my first ringtone.

I’m going to miss one of my nearly-nephew’s birthday party next weekend. His dad is in law school too, so he’ll understand but I feel bad. I will not miss my nearly-niece’s birthday party on the 30th though. She’s so cute. I hate missing an occasion to see the babies. I’m sure he’ll be at the other birthday party too.