I forgot to write that I filled out my applications for two clinics at my school. I like both the Civil Externship Clinic and the Business, Law and Technology Clinic. I live civil because I could get to work with a small firm for credit in the fall and sometimes they hire those people for after graduation. I may not want to work in a small firm, but having job offers is what’s important. I can decide it I want to work there after. Business, Law and Technology is a big deal to me because I majored in Economics and minored in business management in college. I want to work in the business world possibly in corporate counsel at some point in my career. I should know by monday which one I got into.

I’m trying to decide if I should go to summer school, if I do it will be to my old school in Queens, it’s cheaper and closer to NJ where my summer internship is. We’ll see. I’m hoping my mom will come with me this weekend to buy more stuff for the apartment. I want to go with a stainless steel theme in the kitchen. I never realized how girly I was when it comes to decorating. LOL.