Not much to report. I had a midterm on Thursday, that was an interesting experience.  I was loopy for the rest of the day. More snow. I have come to hate snow, I mean, we don’t usually get snow practically every week. This winter had sucked a lot. I hope Spring comes soon.

I have been buying stuff for “our place.” LOL the other day my fiance was doing laundry and asked me to check his closet, then he corrected himself and said our other bedroom closet. I thought that was so cute especially since I don’t live there yet. I am going to buy this bed I saw, itlooks really nice, sort of different from the typical beds you see but it looks like it will match the other bedroom furniture. I have bought sheets, towels, a scale, all kinds of stuff from LOL I’m going crazy with house shopping crap. I don’t think I’m going to buy much else unless it is a really good price. That’s about it. I got my hair done on friday and then I came back out here.