Proof that I’m usually not wrong. I was having issues with where I’m living here at school. I share a house with 2 other people. Anyway for this area the rent is good but the house is always cold and I have issues with one of my roommates i.e. every once in awhile I want to bash his head in. He’s not cleanest person in the world, he leaves food out in the open, he decides to steal my shower time when it’s hard enought to drag my ass out of bed at *gasp* 8 am. I know most of you don’t feel too bad for me but for several years I had to get up at 6:35am and soon enough I’ll be right back there. Any way, back to the point. So my other roommate today asks me if I’m staying here over the summer, I said that I was going back to Brooklyn because my internship is in NJ and it’s a closer commute. She then asks if our other roommate told me about…the house we are living in being sold by the owner so we have to leave by September. Remember how I said I’m usually not wrong. Well just last night another part of the argument I had with my fiance had to deal with me living here next year. He thinks the commute would be too hard and it would be but I’ve done it before. In fact, I had a longer commute when I was in my last two years at Stony Brook. So now finding out that I HAVE to move back home, sort of supports that point. I knew I wouldn’t be living here next school year. God works in mysterious ways.