wow, a fiance that wants to help plan the wedding and not take it over. He and have been in a battle with wedding plans for a while. He is so opinionated about this wedding. Any way, we got into a huge argument last night and then he called me back and we talked. So now we’re actually really working together. He told me to get his family guestlist from his sister who got married in October. I emailed her but nothing yet. We even started going over our must play list together. I gave him a list of songs I want to be played and he started choosing songs he liked and it was nice planning together. Before I would have an idea and he wouldn’t want to talk about planning or he would say he didn’t like my idea without giving an alternative idea. It’s so much better now. I just emailed him the ceremony format I was working on, I hope he likes it. Now, when are we going to find time to do premarital counseling? Since I’m in law school we have access to a psychologist, I will have to see what our schedules are like next semester, maybe we can see her since he doesn’t want to do it with a church or anything.