After an interesting comment left on my xanga, I decided to write this. Oh before I get into it, I want to say YEAAAAAAAAAAA Jamie Foxx won the Oscar for Ray, he deserved it and I got teary-eyed during his speech/ It was my favorite part of the night.

OK back on topic. Are women inherently submissive and men dominant? I don’t think so, at least not all women. At least not me. I personally have never been big on having anyone especially a man, do anything for me. I personally like to hold my own in any arena. Maybe I have too much testosterone in my blood; well I don’t look masculine so I doubt that’s the case. I have NEVER felt that I needed a man for protection or anything else, maybe entertainment even sex. Oh well, I choose not to care about political correctness only what I believe from my own experiences. I need not be conquered, I need not submit. I choose to be with a person who makes me happy and if I’m not happy then I will move on. Love is not about submission or conquering, it’s about finding a common ground, being with a person who always makes you smile or laugh that you can’t imagine your life without. And lastly, if you’ve never had that feeling, really had that feeling; I pity you but hope that you do soon.