I’m so bored out here right now. I have a list of tasks ahead of me and of course I’m supposed to be studying. Oh well, I think I will go workout soon. Lately my new thing has been Bikram yoga and pilates. My friend and I went to our first Bikram yoga class a few weeks ago, the room is really hot like over 100 degrees and the class is an hour and a half long. I loved it; she wanted to try something different to compare the two. Then she flakes out on me at the last minute. I was going to do to the class myself but it was freezing outside and I started feeling sick so I stayed home. The point of having a workout buddy is to keep each other motivated so you’ll actually stick to it. That didn’t work this time, I guess.

Wedding stuff
I have been getting info and price quotes from reception venues mostly in NJ or LI. I’ve gotten some interesting stuff. So far NJ is probably the winner. It seems kind of strange that I want to get married in NJ and I don’t live there and neither does my fiancé. We plan to move there eventually any way. Not sure exactly where but someplace nice but not too far from NYC. I’ve lived there for so many years that I can’t get away. I’m addicted. LOL. My first year of college I went to a school in rural PA. I actually saw farms and the Amish people that live around there. It was a learning experience but I had to come back to some place closer to NY so transferred to a University in LI. I came home whenever I felt like it. I sort of do the same now, except I don’t live in a dorm, I live in a house now. I really don’t like one of my roommates. I have come to the conclusion that my mother must be a clean freak; I just always thought that was how all mothers were. I don’t mind because at least I know how I’ll be when I have my own place.

Why won’t my fiancé just let me move in with him? He has all these excuses. Oh, I want you to pay attention to school, I don’t want you to get pregnant, I don’t want us to live together before we get married BLAH BLAH BLAH. We’re getting married in 2007 almost a year after I finish law school. I want to live with him next year (school year) but no. He annoys me when he tells me no. I’m not spoiled but I hate hearing someone tell me no. Did I mention that we’ve been together for 7 years? I have keys to his apartment; I stay there for days on end sometimes. I spend the night over there all the time, like every time I go back to Brooklyn. Oh well, he knows I don’t give up easily so, I guess we’ll see if I get what I want. I usually do…