10. It is standing in the way of the rest of my life i.e. getting married finally. Did I mention that my fiance and I have been together for 7 years?
9. Going to class and being bored.
8. Rich elitist people
7. People who make you wonder why they came to law school.
6. People who you wonder how they got into law school
5. Why did I want to go to law school again?
4. It makes me question my own intellect and ability.
3. No longer being able to do well with virtually no effort
2. Why didn’t I take a break before going to law school?
1. Being so close (1.25 years from graduation) and so far away.

After reading this list,  you may ask yourself why am I in law school? Because the ends justify the means, because I have a family and future children to think of/take care of, because every once in a while I have a good day and don’t feel that deja vu feeling, because life will be better once it is finally over.